Frequently Asked Questions

What is the SPH?

Stichting Platform Huurdersbelangen (SPH), or in English Foundation Platform for Tenant Interests represents the interests of tenants from the SSH& in Nijmegen and Arnhem. Several times a year the SPH will meet with the SSH& and the Municipalities of Nijmegen and Arnhem to discuss topics such as service costs, maintenance, rental policy, and renovation plans. The SPH also discusses performance agreements on topics such as: sustainability, affordability, and housing supply in the municipalities. 

SPH has a board and a common committee, all of which are enthusiastic students who live in SSH& housing and help think of- and discuss topics with the SSH&. The board consists of a chair, a secretary, and a treasurer. 

Furthermore there is a common committee, which selects the board. Yearly we hold a tenant discussion, where all tenants at SSH& are invited. Here the SPH will inform all tenants what they did this year and what the plans for the upcoming year are. Feel free to attend!


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