Result 'Caretaker of the year' election!

During the New Year's breakfast of the SSH&, where the SPH was also invited, the winner of the election 'caretaker of the year' was announced. There was a massive vote by the tenants, thank you for that! And the final winner is: Ferdi! To thank Ferdi, he received a large cup with certificate and a nice present from the SPH, presented by Bastiaan.

Complex visit: Leeuwenstein

Every three months the SPH visits a complex of the SSH&, yesterday we were at Leeuwenstein. Thanks to all the residents for the tips and tops!

If you missed us or if you live at another complex, please feel free to send us a message!

Next week we will have a meeting with the SSH& and we will then discuss all the points.

Election: caretaker of the year

Caretaker of the year

Is your caretaker always available when you need him? Is everything fixed before you know it? Do you want to say thank you for all his efforts? Vote here and elect him as caretaker of the year.

If you vote, you compete for one the two giftcards of 25 euro from IKEA.

Performance agreements signed

Today, Christian, our treasurer, has signed the performance agreements 2020. In these agreements the municipality Nijmegen, together with SPH and SSH& have stated what is performance is expected in 2020 of the SSH&. In this year's agreements, SSH& stated that rents only increase with inflation and that SSH& is energy neutral in Nijmegen in 2045. Furthermore, SSH& has to expand with 900 units in the coming eight years due to more students in the coming years. SSH& and the municipality Nijmegen are going to work together to realize these 900 units.

Tripartite dialogue

On 11 November 2019 had SPH a tripartite dialogue with the other tenants' interest groups, the Nijmegen corporations and the municipality of Nijmegen. The tripartite dialogue is a base for the performance agreements. SPH has given their opinion. What the agreements will be, will become clear in a next meeting.

Even voorstellen: Leon - voorzitter

I joined SPH in October 2017 due to my friends and became chairman in May 2018. My whole student life I have lived in a corridor in the SSH& complex on the Jacob Canisstraat. Last year i started the Master's in Economics, Behaviour & Policy, but that does not mean that I will never be in the city again. I'm a dispute-tiger and I'm always in for a drink and a joke. With an administrative year at Argus I have been very active during my student days and if everything goes right then I will have graduated at the end of next academic year. 

Meeting SPH

Last week we gathered with the members of SPH. We were talking about the meeting which we have tomorrow with the management of SSH&. We have this meeting four times a year. Important topics, such as the new distribution system, are discussed. Besides, DanĂ© Custers became officially a member of SPH. 

If you like this too, you can always contact us!

Plenary tentant's meeting

Yesterday evening the annual plenary tenants' meeting (PHO) took place again, all questions of the tenants of ssh& have been answered. A board member of the SPH gave a short presentation about what the SPH, together with the SSH&, has achieved last year, and that are some great things! Have you become curious about what the SPH does? Keep an eye on this website and our Facebook page!

Christian - treasurer

I would like to introduce myself, my name is Christian Zijtveld. At the moment i'm the longest member of SPH, since 2013. In 2015 i have became the treasurer of the board of SPH. I do this with great pleasure in addition to my studies in medicine and psychology. I am 25 years old and live in the complex Sterrenbosch.

About SPH

Stichting Platform Huurdersbelangen represents all the tenants from the SSH&. The SPH consists of students who are also tenants from the SSH&. The SPH regulary meets with the management of the SSH& to discuss current issues and future plans. The SPH is also a partner in the annual performance agreements between the muncipalities of Arnhem and Nijmegen